About Us


Corporate Profile

The company fabricates structural steel and miscellaneous metal products with the most advanced technology available. CEC uses superior steel detailing software that is integrated with cutting edge steel production management and business management software. This technology, along with our various certifications, produces a level of quality that is difficult to find in today’s industry. 

In accordance with our mission to provide an error-free product, we have implemented procedures designed to eliminate the possibility of shipping material that is defective, and our employees have been trained to make certain that materials that do not meet our quality standards do not leave our shop until they are correct and meet job specifications.

Major Industries Served:

  • Automotive
  • Commercial
  • Churches
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Federal/State Government Facilities
  • Hospitals /Health Facilities
  • Industrial/Chemical Plants
  • Oil and Gas
  • Pharmaceutical Facilities
  • Residential
  • Schools and Universities


  • Handle structural and miscellaneous steel on projects of all sizes and configurations
  • AISC certified fabricator
  • Coordinate with numerous engineering firms to direct all aspects of the design/detailing of your project
  • Tekla Structures 3D modeling software
  • Fabtrol steel production control management
  • CNC automated fabrication equipment
  • Bar code material tracking system
  • Quality control of every fabricated piece
  • On time sequenced deliveries to jobsite
  • Manage all facets of the structural & miscellaneous fabrication and erection with our experienced project management staff
  • Service and provide freight in the NE and SE states

Quality Policy:

The management team of CEC (Contracting Engineering Consultants, Inc.) is committed to making CEC the structural and miscellaneous steel fabricator of choice for our customers by providing them a quality product that meets or exceeds the contract requirements, design specifications and our own quality control (QC) standards.

This is accomplished by providing state-of-the-art detailing software that quickens the approval process and helps to eliminate fabrication and erection errors. CEC strives to provide the latest production control management, CNC fabrication equipment, and bar code tracking system that allows minimal mistakes and increases production efficiency. We take seriously our AISC certification and the importance of QC-checking every fabricated piece before it is loaded. CEC completes the process by giving our customers on-time sequenced deliveries. 

CEC takes pride in doing it right the first time but acknowledges that mistakes do happen that may regrettably end up at the jobsite. CEC’s non-conformance commitment is to repair onsite or replace the misfabricated piece in a timely matter as to not affect the erection schedule or other trades working onsite. 

CEC management will continue to monitor our quality policy statement and make policy adjustments as required throughout the year. CEC will provide employee training and any tools necessary so that they will understand and meet our quality standards to provide our customers a quality finished product. 

Finally, CEC sets and achieves quality goals each year to show our commitment and dedication to improve our quality policies and strive to be the fabricator of choice for our customers!